Larry Vonwald New Site Launch (Larry the Loser L.T.L.) in My Opinion !

By Steve Barket
Las Vegas, Nevada

January 28, 2014

After years of Larry Vonwald’s BS, outrageous lies and stories, it’s time for me to level the playing field with my side of the story and truth.

When “Larry the Looser” filed bankruptcy, Vonwald stated to the bankruptcy court he was living in a trailer. In reality, Vonwald still lives in the same house he always has. His wife is still there, through Larry the Looser’s many affairs and nonsense. My hat goes off to Marilyn,  or is she a part of the charade ?

This site will tell all – the bankruptcy, the Bonvicin story (Larry, stop telling people you testified at that trial), Union Pacific lawsuit, after your bankruptcy. The fires, Bad Checks, and so on !!!

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